Product review : Costco

Hey there,

Costco is one of those places that you either can’t live without or despise. I personally can’t live without it which sounds crazy since it’s just me and boyfriend that I cook for most days. However there are some staples there that you can’t beat in price which makes it worth my 55$ a year. If you don’t mind the endless aisles with no signage and rather long lineups and the stunt course that is the parking lot then I highly recommend you make the venture. It’s like a scavenger hunt, one that I’m always up for.

First up for review: Carrington farms organic coconut oil

at 17.99$ for 54 fl oz the price it’s the best price in town. I use coconut oil for everything and I mean everything I even use it in my deep fryer. It’s good for your hair, your skin and your health.
There’s a great post on a wholenewmoms blog about how the Costco oil is a good quality product and the reason it’s available at such a low price at Costco is because of the quantity they sell.

Next up:  Chosen foods avocado oil

6.99$ for 1L plus it’s been on sale for 2$ off lately. Avocado oil is a high heat cooking oil so it’s also good for the deep fryer or pan frying food. Again super healthy for you.

Sunblest organic coconut flour:


Gluten free and healthier then bleached white flour! bake away my friends..bake away!

Tru roots organic quinoa

price: 10.99$ for 4lbs

Really great product. Doesn’t last as long as you’d think in this house. Again price cannot be beat.