Simply delicious miso glaze


Today I’m going to share a recipe for a miso marinade/glaze.
I made it to marinate my tofu and chicken in for some skewers.
I marinated the tofu and chicken overnight in a sealed container in the fridge. Both the tofu and chicken came out juicy and flavourful.

Miso glaze:

miso glaze 1

Ingredients you will need:

Apple butter 1/4 cup
Miso paste     1/4 cup
Rice wine vinegar  1/4 cup
garlic  1 full bulb
ginger root 1 full root
maple syrup 1 cup

miso glaze 2 Finely mince garlic and ginger root. In a medium sized pot simmer maple syrup, rice wine vinegar and garlic and ginger for 15 minutes on low to medium heat.

miso glaze 3
In the meantime I cut the chicken and tofu into cubes.

miso glaze 4
after 15 minutes whisk in the apple butter and miso paste and let reduce so that it thickens on low heat for another 15 minutes.

miso glaze 5

Once the glaze is ready I poured half on the chicken and half on the tofu and let marinate over night in the fridge.

The following day I cut up red peppers and zuchini and made chicken skewers and tofu skewers. They took 15 minutes in the oven covered. Once they were on the pan I made sure to spread whatever glaze was left in the containers on the skewers. They came out juicy and delicious!

The great thing about this glaze is that it’s so versatile. You could use it on beef,chicken, pork or tofu, even just plain veggies! Which then could be served over rice or in a wrap or how I did with the skewers.

Hope you enjoy!